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The Art Archive Center in Taiwan (AACT) is located in the College of Letters and Cultural Heritage at Tainan National University of the Arts. The college houses the Art History Department undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as professional graduate programs such as Museum Studies and Artifact Restoration. An archive system based around the art archive can be formed, integrating academic studies, preservation and maintenance, and display and application, making it the only academic environment in Taiwan with such comprehensive features.


This center was established in June, 2017, and is the only academic facility among universities in Taiwan where the research goal is archiving art. We are responsible for industry- and government-commissioned projects related to art archiving in Taiwan, including academic research, editing historical documents, establishing databases, on-site surveys, publishing, exhibitions, workshops, symposiums, and other domestic or international collaborations. Our mission includes: promoting the construction, protection, and maintenance of Taiwan's art archives; integrating relevant fields such as art museums and the art industry, while expanding government-academic collaboration; promoting innovative services, social promotion, and international visibility of art archives in Taiwan.


We are defined as a regional platform for exchanging art archives, collaborating with relevant domestic or foreign facilities and establishing professional filing models to help integrate local knowledge with the world's contemporary strategy, training the next generation of professional talents in the museum and art archiving field.